Sight magazine’s founder and editor in chief Tom Gaedtke likes things to be as bespoke as possible when it comes to his articles, so he asked me to find some images that weren’t featured in any websites or magazines so they could feature me in the Issue 3.

After carefully picking the right ones, he invited me for a Q&A session and so there is quite a good amount of information about me and what I like in Porsches and about my in-studio work process.

This was one of my favourites:

Tom: “I was told from specialists, that it is very difficult to spray paint a Porsche 911 perfectly because of swinging angles in the body. Can you transport that into your drawings? Are Porsche curves hard to draw?

Me: “I know exactly what they mean, but for me - after drawing so many Porsches I’m just so familiar with the body that right now it’s pretty much effortless. I love the arches, love the door shape, the fuel cap, those 930 Turbo thighs - it’s like the body of a woman you’re in love with hah”

My section is spread across 10 pages and the layout of the magazine is very minimalistic and the pages have a nice matt finish to them, so it all really complimented my style.


Publisher: 1993